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ABA Grand Champion Bybee's Little Ripper CD1 OFA. Bybees Old Rip of S.G. x Bybee's Nitro of S.G.
Like her full brother Raging Boner (80lbs) at around 70lbs Rip is on the small side for us...but they say great things come in small packages and with her they were right!
She is an extremely athletic, compact bitch with a solid working temperament and a ton of prey drive. Also like her brother she is an A.B.A. Grand champion.
She attained her Championship title at the A.B.A. nationals in Vegas winning Best in Show (standard class) both days, not even the males could beat her (the only dog to beat her all weekend was in fact her brother in the champion of champions class).
Little Rip has superior structure and movement and an incredible muscled back end, Little Rip also won the standard Champion of Champions class both days at the A.B.A California Winter Classic show in January of 2003...and then finished the last leg of her Grand Champion title again in Vegas...winning a total of 3 times under 3 different judges.
The only dog to ever beat her in a Grand champion class was her brother Raging Boner who also became a GRAND CHAMPION in Vegas at the same show!!! Little Rip has also started weight pull training and has great potential so watch out for some weight pull titles coming soon.
At the Arizona Cactus Classic Feb 2004 ABA Grand Champion Little Rip (and her brother ABA Grand Champion Raging Boner) both got there CD1 title first time on a hog!!..
We believe she is the only female ABA Grand Champion to do this and who has proved that she has the looks and natural genetics to catch a hog first time she is put on one!
Many people (who don't know our dogs) thought we were crazy putting our Grand Champions UNTRAINED out in public on a wild boar, but our dogs apart from having great looks are also true bulldogs, they both made it look easy and it was funny as alot of people believed we had been out training them in private like alot of other people had been doing!!
We have never put a dog on a hog before and once you have done it you will realize why it is the ultimate test and how it separates the real bulldogs from the rest.

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