UPDATED March 8th 2018

Bybees Pixi and Gordo and Bybees Bently and Brimstone..females available.



ABA /ABRA Champion Bybees BB was bred to Bybees Brimstone a triple Ch /dog of the year/ABA Grand Ch Sharky son
We are very excited about this breeding and have been wanting to combine our Sharky blood with our Barbie blood
Puppies arriving late March 2018
BB's and Brimstones pedigree is full of Champions, Dual Champions and Grand Champions all produced by us.
These will be large muscular, athletic, hybrid type American Bulldogs with lots of bone.
Currently not taking any deposits on males only on females(but we are taking a waiting list on them)
Puppies are $2000(with limited reg)


Puppies are $2500/$2000 + $400 hand delivery if needed
A $500 non refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy..full payment due by the time the puppy is 6 weeks.
Picks are made in the order the deposits are taken.
Most of the dogs listed here have there own pages if you check out the our boys and our girls link..and I am in the process of adding to and updating them all..and I have some girls I need to remove as there retired.

Please Note

Our pups are usually spoken for well before they are born ( usually before we even breed the dogs (ESPECIALLY MALES).
We always keep the top picks ourselves or co own them so we don't often have pups available ..so we advise you if your seriously interested to put a deposit on a pup early to save disappointment.
Deposits (as like every other kennel out there) are non refundable..this means if your not 100% serious please wait until you are ready to get one.
Males especially!



We would like to add we reserve the right to change ANY of our plans..

If we have a planned breeding for instance that doesn't take or we don't get the results we want or not a male or female for us etc.. then we may change a future breeding to fit in with what we need/want for our future plans... please be understanding of this.
We also reserve the right to refund a deposit on a pup if we decide you are not the right home for our puppy.

We have noticed recently that we get a lot of folks who lie to us in how they represent themselves and the lives they offer our puppies..nothing makes me madder then to have someone sit in my own house and then find out later everything they told me was fabricated or they conveniently forgot to tell you some very important facts about themselves.
Because of this sad state of affairs we have decided that if we find out you lied to us your deposit is lost, if we find out you lied after you got a puppy your guarantee is void and if you don't have your puppy papers yet you won't get them. Also please do not contact us again for any form of help/advice etc (Unbelievably people have still come back to us for help and even attended shows we have put on when they know full well we know they lied to us!).
This may sound harsh to the many,many wonderful honest people who we have dealt with out there but when you have been lied to and cheated as many times as we have there comes a time when enough is enough.
Like my husband say's please don't confuse our kindness for weakness.
We take it very seriously finding our pups great homes.

We have other breeding's planned that we are not 100% sure of, some breeding's with our giant dogs some with our other stud dogs, some maybe we would rather keep to ourselves as there just for us etc.

Also everyone knows we produce honest giant American Bulldogs maybe the biggest there is anywhere,with the most muscle and the biggest heads.. honest freaks.. we do not do breedings like this very often (as we already have enough big dogs!)and there is a waiting list for them and there is a very big demand for them ... we reserve the right to be picky where they go and who gets them..that goes for all of our pups.

We are not a "kennel" we are more bulldog addicts with a small program based on quality not quantity.
Our web site is really more of a showcase of our dogs and achievements, we love to show and win and we like to win with dogs we have produced (we Championed out 4 dogs we had produced last year)..all our dogs are our pets foremost and stay here with us all there lives..
The American Bulldog is still considered a rare breed and we work hard to preserve those original old lines that we started with and got us so involved with the bred>
We occasionally welcome people to our house to meet our dogs but a lot live with friends so they can get spoiled more and right now we have a lot of our much loved older retired ones here!

Thanks Randee and Alison



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