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Let us introduce ourselves ..we are Randee Bybee and Alison Bybee of Bybee's American Bulldogs
We are a small kennel located in Southern California about an hour from LA.
I really don't like to call us a kennel we are more of an example of bulldog enthusiasts who happen to maybe have a few more pet dogs then the average person!....
We got our first American Bulldog at the beginning of 1990 and that's been the only breed of dog for us since then...27 years in the time really does fly! Unlike a lot of the new folks who have jumped into bulldogs we will be around still when they are long gone!
It always surprises me how few of us "old school bulldoggers" are actually still here !
Since we have become very involved in the breed we both go overseas and judge shows and we have put on show's and contributed bulldog articles to Dog Fancy among other things.

Our first dogs were Suregrip lines Rip N. Woody, Freddie Kreugger, etc., these are the kind of dogs we love and what we have based our breeding program on. We favor mainly larger hybrids/bully dogs with good bone, impressive heads and a balanced temperament.We like dogs how they used to be when we first started
You will never see us breeding to flavour of the week or whatever hyped up dog"the newbies" think will sell..just not the way we do things here. We will never be producing black or blue bulldogs.
We take a lot of pride in producing our own dogs that we show and later may put in our program..anyone can buy a dog..producing one for us is where the enjoyment is, seeing the generations of your work progress and getting better.
We do enjoy showing our dogs and have produced many ABA Ch and ABA Grand Champions,Ibc Champions and ABRA Champions, bully type, standard and some that are hybrid types..We like to stick to our own dogs rather then going out and buying what ever bulldog line maybe flavour of the week...whatever female is cheap or available.
We are not like most folks in that we have several different styles of American bulldogs..due to my husband and myself having different tastes in dogs... I actually don't think there is anyone in the world that has had a much sucess as us with both types.
We try and meet somewhere in the middle with our hybrid American bulldogs that we both like...but we have some large American Bulldogs and some Giant American Bulldogs that we enjoy having around.

We only produce a litter for the purpose of improving on what we have and always keep a puppy or two, we always reserve the top picks for our selves from each breeding. Some years we produce no pups and others we may have a few litters, we are not a large kennel and don't keep many dogs ourselves as we like them all to have plenty of time with us in and out of the house. Many of our dogs, especially our studs are raised and live with our friends and we co own or keep breeding rights on them this has proved to work out really well for both us the dog's and there new family.
All of our pups are born and raised in our home and all of our dogs are family members that will live out there lives with us,they are not retired to live with strangers or sold on to someone who wants to have a few litters out of them but remain with us for as long as they are around...this can make it hard on us as it can cause our program to not develop as fast as maybe it could as we just don't have the room for a lot of new dogs but that's fine by us.
I can honestly say I have never sold an adult American Bulldog on to another "breeder" ..I really don't agree with passing dog's around especially bulldogs..
We have had many American Bulldogs through out the years, some that we no longer have are on our site to show you where we started and what direction we're heading in, you will find all our old family members on our foundation page. Special thanks to Kyle Symmes of Suregrip kennels for all his help through out the years and for all our foundation stock.
Please remember that although the American Bulldog is an incredible breed with a lot to offer it is often to much dog for alot of people, they are a dominant guardian breed, can be stubborn and do best with someone who has experience with such types of dogs.They also don't get along with dominant dog's of the same sex..not all of them sometimes there are exceptions but rarely.
Please do your research on the breed before purchasing an American Bulldog and also on the breeder you chose ...not all bulldogs are equal just the same as not all folks who are involved with bulldogs are equal!Remember your breeder should be able to answer any questions you have..that's what there there for ..that's part of what your payed for their help, guidance and knowledge though out the life of your dog...if you don't think they know that much why are you going to them for a puppy?
I am honestly horrified at some of the information people are told about bulldogs..basically anything they want to hear that will help the seller sell them a pup.
In my opinion folks on there first litter with zero experience on bulldogs (or any breed)are not the people I would be buying a dog from..most will be gone in a year or so onto a new breed they can make a buck on and leaving the rest of us to pick up the mess.
Sadly the bulldog has got to be a popular bred and with that we get alot of folks cashing in (or trying to)..honestly I could think of a million breeds that if you were in it for the money would be far more lucrative.

thanks for visiting our site
Randee Bybee and Alison Bybee of Bybee's American Bulldogs.



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