Pups are sold in the order of deposits taken
...a $300 non refundable deposit reserves a pup.
Prices are $1800/2000

A non refundable deposit of $300/$500 is required to hold your puppy.
..Deposits are non refundable..
We know sometimes people are unable to take the puppy they had reserved..so we will however gladly move your deposit to one other litter of your choice should you cancel as a one time courtesy.
NOTE..we will only honor a deposit for the period of 18 months after receiving it should you cancel for whatever reason.. the deposit is considered expired/lost/void after this as we will have asumed you are no longer interested in or unable to get a puppy from us.
So please be sure you are ready when you decide to get a puppy from us.

If you were unable to take a pup and have a deposit with us PLEASE keep in touch with us so we know you are still wanting a pup and when will be a better time frame for you within the allowed 18 months.

Also please note a pup/spot is not reserved UNLESS we have a deposit on it...things move along quickly here, one day a pup you wanted or a particular pick on a litter may be available and an hour later it may not be....
Payment to be made in full at or before 6 weeks unless prior arrangements have been made with us or the puppy can be resold by breeder at there discretion.
Puppy must be picked up or shipped by 8 weeks old unless prior arrangements have been made with us.
If breeding does not result in a puppy for the buyer his deposit will be moved to a similar breeding.
The breeder guarantees the puppy to be sound and healthy at the time of the sale.
The breeder does not assume any liability for injury to puppy after delivery.
The buyer agrees to have the puppy evaluated by a vet within 48 hours to insure to all parties that it is indeed healthy at time of sale...failure to do this voids all guarantees.
If the puppy is found to be anything but healthy by the buyers vet then the pup should be returned to the breeder as soon as possible, and will be replaced by one of the same age sex and value as soon as one is available.
Breeder retains the right to have puppy rexamined by there own vet.

We like to treat anyone who buys our pups as we would like to be treated ourselves by a breeder...Bulldogs by nature are not the most sound of breeds..and although reputable breeders are making progress in the health of this bred it is still in its early stages of producing concistantly sound dogs. Even with us health screening our own breeding stock it is no guarantee in itself that Mother nature will not sadly deal a certain pup a bad hand, sometimes a breeding will click and other times it for some reason doesn't...this is why we as breeders guarantee our pups for a year..by then any health problem will usually have shown up.
We also reserve the right to deal with everyone on an individual basis ..if we feel you have abused the dog in anyway,misfed it by not feeding it a good quality premiumn dog food,or kept it obese as a puppy, weight pulled it at a young age,or it has been involved in an accident/dog fights or bred it then this voids all guarantees.
We guarantee the pup for a year to be free from genetic problems and that it will penn hip at of below the median/or ofa .If the pup at a year is not sound we ask that you either return it or euthanize it(we hope this never happens but have to mention it just in case) and we will replace it as soon as a comparable puppy is available (same sex etc).All vet reports stating the problem with the pup and all the pups paperwork must be returned to us before a replacement is given and also we reserve the right for our vet to examin the pup/dog if we like.If the pup is physically sound but would still be a great pet we ask that you spay or neuter it and you may keep it(at breeders discretion)..if you choose to keep the pup we will credit you 1/2 the price of the pup towards another pup.We do not give cash refunds.

Please note we are not a puppy mill, we do not always have puppys readily available, and we often have waiting lists months in advance waiting for pups..and that although we usually have a couple of litters a year sometimes you may have to wait so if you do have a problem please make us aware of it asap...

Also note that ON ALL MALES SOLD that we retain 2 breedings (any costs incurred will be payed by ourselves)...we may never use them but this is to ensure we can keep on breeding the best bulldogs possible from our lines.
We always take back ANY of our dogs if you are unable to keep it (at no charge to us) our dogs at no time are to ever end up in the local pound!If you decide to sell the dog to someone else it must first be offered to us the breeders for no more then the price it was bought for.
Please note by buying or sending a deposit for an American Bulldog from us you agree to all of the above.
Phone: 951 - 361 - 2634



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