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We are very excited to add Betty to our line up of great American Bulldogs. It is strange how we ended up with her, I used to talk with Chris Muller her breeder many years ago when I was first looking for a quality outside female for my males . Any way the timing didn't work out and Betty and some of the other pups from the litter went to Dave Thompson in Texas and from there Betty went all the way to Denmark to Haacks American bulldogs and Maria. Sadly Maria had to cut back on her dogs and Betty was available to a special home and this time the timing was right and we were able to get her and have her come all the way back to the USA .
Betty has a great pedigree being line bred Tyson her pedigree works well with our dogs.We feel her great structure and athleticism coupled with her A hips and elbows will work well in our program.
We cannot thank Maria enough for the opportunity to own Betty, also my friend Trine at Ostergaards American bulldogs for helping us get Betty and Chris Muller for producing her.
The photos I have are of her at approx 1 year old and she has matured more since then ..I will be adding new photos very soon.

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