Updated September 22nd 2012

For pups available now please check our puppies page
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For pups available in the near future please check our future breedings page
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All pups are ABRA registered and up to date on shots and wormings.
They have always had 2 shots minimum before they leave.
They are being fed Eagle Pack Holistic Large/Giant breed puppy food.


We like pups paid for IN FULL by 6 weeks at the latest(unless prior arrangements are made before 6 weeks).. This is so we know if we have cancellations
(IMPORTANT UPDATE) If pup is not paid for by then then your spot in making picks is moved behind those who have paid in full.
We recently made the mistake of letting folks pick and holding there pup till the family came to pick it up and pay for it in full then..they had a problem paying, couldn't take the pup and so we had to repost him for sale...this upset all the others folks behind the original buyer who would have taken this pup had we known he was available but had taken another. We felt bad and so doing it this way will prevent this happening again to all concerned.

Our pups sell for $1800/$2000/$2500/3000 ...depending on the litter whether it is frozen semen and pick.....
On ALL males we retain 2 breedings to our own females..it is unlikely that we will use them as we keep something from any litters we have but this is to ensure that we keep breeding only the best.
If we do not keep first pick it will ONLY be offered on a co-own basis..we will NOT automatically move you up to 1st pick spot, if we co-own a pick dog we like it to be local and with someone we feel can offer it a great family home.

The way we do picks is males and females are separate lists..a deposit is not for a spot on an overall list but for either the male OR female list...eg.We ALWAYS reserve first pick for our selves, if we decide not to keep a female here it does not mean you move up on the male list (or any list)..I hope this saves any confusion.

Deposits are non refundable but we will gladly move it to another litter of your choice should you be unable to take the pup you picked when it is ready.

If you were unable to take a pup and have a deposit with us PLEASE keep in touch with us so we know you are still wanting a pup and when will be a better time frame for you.

Also please note a pup/spot is not reserved UNLESS we have a deposit on it...things move along quickly here, one day a pup you wanted or a particular pick on a litter may be available and an hour later it may not be....

We can ship pups anywhere in the USA or Canada, our pups have traveled all over the states
with never a problem...

Shipping price is another $400 (which includes crate, vet check and flight..I had to unfortunately increase the price as everything else had increased and I was losing money shipping them
Especially as I no longer live close to the airport or vet it takes me some time running around getting everything done
This is just what the airline,vet and crate cost's we still don't charge extra for this service.
We ship with Continental, sometimes Delta or Alaska or Air Canada depending on which airline has the best most direct flight.

Currently we do not ship pups abroad.. sorry. We have recently tried and for most countries it is just to difficult and frustrating, so unless we have already promised you a pup or you can have someone pick it up at 8 weeks old and ship it for you then you won't be able to get one.

We accept credit cards through paypal

We have added these quick links to PayPal to make it easier for those of you who are new to PayPal You can alternately go directly to the PayPal site www.paypal.com and make a payment of any amount using just our email bybeesambulls@aol.com

Some people have an easy time with Paypal others find it hard so alternately we can always send you our bank account info and you can just do a direct deposit..

$300 deposit or payment

$400 shipping or payment

$500 deposit or payment

$1000 payment

$1200 payment

$1500 payment

$1800 payment

$2000 payment

$2200       $1800 payment + $400 shipping

$2400       $2000 payment + $400 shipping

$2500 payment

$2900       $2500 payment + $400 shipping

call Alison or Randee
951 361 2634 Ca time (situated between LA and San Diego)
We welcome visitors but please note our dogs live in and at our house we are not a "kennel"..we are just some regular folks who got carried away with our American Bulldogs..
All of our dogs are our own personal family pets..NO adults are for sale at any time so please don't ask...it would be like selling a family member!
Many of our dogs do not live here with us but with friends to ensure they get lots of attention and have a family of there own.

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