Big thanks to Casey Couturier president of the A.B.A. for allowing us to buy the Watchdog White Fang semen from him.. he knows the blood is close to our hearts, all of our foundation dogs going back to Suregrip lines and that we will use it wisely to continue to produce dogs with the same qualities that we first feel in love with by adding it back into our own lines..we will endeavor to keep that line of dogs pure Suregrip blood...
We are very excited at this incredible chance to go back in time... hard to believe that White Fang has been dead 10 years now!
Watchdog White Fang was the full brother to MGK's Gator Red (IWPA Gold medalist) RIP and Sure Grips Freddie Kreugger RIP. He was sired by Symmes Rip n' Woody and out of Symmes Slashing Sheena (both owned by Kyle Symmes of Suregrip kennels).. these dogs were all great foundation dogs and can be found in most modern day pedigrees if you trace them back far enough....all real 100% bulldogs with looks and real bulldog attitudes
For those of you asking if any is for sale..sorry it's just for us..Lastly for those of you wanting to know who we will be using it on first ...most likely Barbie when she is older ..possibly Fly (ABA Ch GW's Mr Bruno of Bybee and ABA Ch Letholts Beth of Bybee sister).
There is already a lot of interest in any upcoming pups ..if we part with any pups they will firstly be going ONLY to those who have an appreciation of these bloodlines.Please check our future breedings page for more information or contact us...
We had our White Fang pups June 15th out of ABA Grand Champion Bybee's little Rip ofa/cd1 (you can see her page on our girls), two of the boys are remaining here with us and Dixie is with our friend Les in San Diego.I will post pics of them here along with there father so folks can see how they are progressing. Ultimately we will only be keeping one male so one may be available to an approved home next year possibly.
This breeding was some very old school blood..a Rip n' Woody son(Fang) to a Rip n'Woody grandaughter (Little Rip)..I believe there are no dog's alive today with these lines so close up. Check out the percentages below..

White Fang
written by Casey Couturier
To read more about "White Fang" written by Casey Couturier click here


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